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This popular seminar has been given (in its current form) for the last fifteen years. If you're engaging in D/s or M/s relationships this seminar is for you.

Be prepared to explore yourself. Servant's Retreat focuses on using tools to be a whole person and bringing the power of everything you are into your service. At Retreat, we will explore in depth who we are, not only as servants/bottoms/slaves/boys/girls, but as people. We will use various psychological theories and models to illuminate how we serve, how we fortify strong personal foundations, and bottom. This retreat will not provide you with uniform answers- there are no patent answers. It is designed to provide you with tools which may allow you to find your answers while enhancing your service, confidence, and self-esteem. Part of SR is refining your sense of direction. 

Servant's Retreat is not a Service 101 course of study, but rather, it is an intensive, immersive, interactive weekend created for people who submit, bottom, and/or serve. It is for people who are 24/7, who submit, take direction, surrender or bottom. It is for people who have been serving 20+ years or only a few months experience. It is open to all genders and orientations. It is not about fantasy but the realities of being a s-type. It is about the realities of living well and understanding ourselves fully.

Each session has worksheets and focuses on a different emotional or intellectual area of service. Some of the concepts we explore are: who we are as people; submission/surrender and self-esteem; our past/present and how that effects our service; maintaining submission and obedience; training; self-maintenance, personal growth, concepts of punishment and reward, and much more. Mostly, this Retreat is about exploring who you are, how you live, and making powerful, healthy choices. Those choices are individual for you as a person who serves and/or submits.

Strong personal foundations are the goal and what allow s-types to do so from a position of wholeness and strength. Being a powerful person is one of your best tools.

Servant's Retreat generally runs Friday through Sunday. Due to the intensity of the seminar, only a limited number of attendees will be accepted. Register early to ensure your attendance by prepaying. We also accept monthly installment payments. Click the link on the top menu that says Register and choose the Servant's Retreat you wish to attend on the registration page.

Audio Feedback: Servant's Retreat in Connecticut 2017 

SESSION information

  • Session I: Who are we?
  • Session II: Submission & Self-esteem: An exploration of who we are, what submission is, what's realistic and what's not, models of submission and a personal inventory of needs and wants. This session includes a close look at the meaning of self-esteem, the challenges of it and tools to shift your relationship with self-esteem.
  • Session III and IV: Understanding our personal past and present. We'll explore how issues we carry with us affect our obedience, submission and the health of our lives. Obedience will be covered in detail, including how we manage to be obedient when we don't feel like it.
  • Session V: Keeping my submissive space- We're going to discuss boundaries, ritual, protocols, education, and self-knowledge. We'll discuss self-motivating service, goals within your service, and maintaining your space emotionally and physically. This is a tool box!
  • Session VI: Punishment and Reward: How does it mold us, what types of punishment and reward are healthy and what works best to motivate us to learn? What system benefits us personally.
  • Session VII: Self-maintenance for growth: Deliberately creating the long road and preparing ourselves for the relationship we may or may not yet have and keeping the one we may be in vibrant. 
  • Session VIII: Wrap up the week-end. Go over first few sheets and see what's changed, talk about what we've learned.

This is a generalized overview.  Expect more. Expect depth. Expect something different.

weekend SCHEDULE

  • FRIDAY: 8:00pm - 10-11:00 pm 
  • SATURDAY: 10:00am -4:30-6:00pm
  • SUNDAY: 9:00am - 3-4:00pm 
  • Doors open 30 minutes before seminar starts each day


July 14 - 16, 2017 Southington, CT - Hosted by Lady Elizabeth

July 28 - 30, 2017 Chester, VA Hosted by MAsT Richmond (SOLD OUT)

Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2017 Billerica, MA



I also accept monthly installment payments. Make 3 easy payments of $48.00 or 4 payments of $36.00.

Contact Laura to make payments.

How to host Servant's Retreat 2:  Click here to go to the contact page and be sure to click on the tab that says "For Weekend Seminars"

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Feedback: Servant's Retreat

Audio Feedback: Servant's Retreat 

"I have a higher self-esteem, less self-doubt and lots more confidence. This is one of the best things I've done, not only for myself, but for my top." S.

"It made me think and has given me several things to work on and to continue thinking about. I have received some good tools for my slave toolkit....used to expecting conventional class style and it was so much more directive, intimate, and focused. Hard- not harsh- but hard to face the acknowledgement to so many of my "barriers" to service are my own creation and perpetuation.

I feel like I did gain: 1) insight I did not have; 2) learned truths about myself I had not stopped to consider; and 3) was given tools or paths of possibilities to take away and apply. All of the sessions were incredibly helpful and all were absolutely necessary. Everything was so wonderfully integrated- one part easily flowed into the other and was so through researched and well thought out. It is abundantly clear that Catherine knows her material and has lived it in her life." T.S.

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