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How do I host a seminar in my city?

We'd be happy to send you information on hosting a weekend seminar.  These seminars are easy to host and we have a streamlined process.
Please go to the contact page to ask for information. There is a form called Host Weekend Seminar for just this purpose.

I am having trouble registering, what do I do?

Please use the contact form and we'll be happy to assist you.

May I transfer my registration if I can no longer attend?

Registrations are transferrable up to seven days prior to the beginning of the seminar. For more information, please see the guidelines and policies.

What is the difference between coaching and teaching?

As a teacher, I speak to you about a specific topic of interest chosen by you. I may provide handouts, visuals and/or exercises to further your learning. As a coach, I am not the primary person speaking. The focus of a coaching session is you. It's important that you have the space to talk, discover and explore. As a teacher, I am responsible for providing the framework and structure for you to learn. As a coach, I am not a guide—I stay in the framework created by your natural tendency to go where we need to go. As a coach I will assist you in staying focused on your goal but I will not decide what that goal may be. Coaching and teaching are each valuable tools on your path of discovery, so I invite you to explore both options.

How do I become a coaching client as an individual or a couple?

You can use the contact page to let me know you're interested in coaching. Please provide a phone number and the best times to call you.  I'll e-mail you a welcome packet and then we'll begin working on your agenda and moving you forward to where you want to be.

If I hire you as a coach, what may I expect?

I will listen to you carefully, ask questions designed to help facilitate possibilities and shifts in your perspective.  We will facilitate answers and strategies which work for you. I will work with you to reach your goals, clarify your understanding and move your agenda forward. Coaching sessions are completely about you, your needs and your wants, and about making the changes you need in order to be happier.

Coaching is not consulting. I will not tell you what to do or solve your issues.  I will work with you so the answers we create are not what you "should" do but answers you want to enact.

All sessions are confidential as I adhere to the ICF's Code of Professional Ethics and am certified with that governing body.  For a more in depth answer to this question, please go to http://www.ForYourLifeCoach.com, my coaching web site. 

Do you work with couples? Do we have to be in a D/s or M/s relationships?

While I frequently work with people who want to refine the structure of their D/s or M/s relationship or put the D/s back into their lives when the daily pressures of living have eroded that part of their relationship; I am not pigeon-holed into only one type of coaching.  I work well with people who wish to strengthen their relationship regardless of type.

I happily work with couples or all types and configurations. I also work with individuals on many other issues who find that having a kink-knowledgable coach works best for them.

Do you mainly work with bottoms/tops, Dominants/submissives, or Masters/slaves?

I work with bottoms, servants, tops, masters, slaves, submissive or dominant individuals, switches, masochists, sadists, and non-kink people (insert your word or genre). Sexual orientation, gender, self identity or play identity, aren’t a factor. I work with anyone who has a desire to move forward and be more fulfilled in their lives.

Will you teach or coach groups of people?

Yes. I can design a class based on specific group needs. Please use the contact form to let me know specifics and the number of people you have in your group. Flat fees for groups will be discussed per each specific group case.

I also travel to provide classes for groups of people. Costs for travel and lodging are added onto my fees. 

If I hire you as an educator, what may I expect?

I view myself as your employee. You have hired me to educate you in specific areas. You are entitled to a quality education, to ask questions, to seek clarity and to make sure you understand the material presented. We work together and partnering in your education to help you learn what is important to you to learn.

What are your hours for taking private appointments?

I work with clients Monday through Thursday between 10:00am and 9pm. Please visit my site to view my schedule for the week.  Appointment openings will only show 48 hours from the time of day you are viewing the calendar.

What are your areas of expertise in coaching?

I have many areas I coach clients. They are:

Executive coaching
I assist executives in maintaining their edge in their careers and acheiving forward advancement.  We might delve into efficient use of their time, resources and performance issues. This is an extremely diverse area.  I have prior vice-president executive experience that enables me to understand and speak the language of corporate culture. This has allowed me to provide valuable insights to my clients. Have a read of what Forbes has to say about executive coaches.

Self-esteem coaching
This is one of my favorite areas of coaching. I can provide models and assessments for self-examination, along with many other tools that can be used to create higher levels of self-esteem. When you're sure of yourself, every aspect of your life is more satisfying. Let's reframe your position and create some relief and ease.

D/s or M/s coaching
I can assist in relationship structuring and provide information regarding the many options you can use to start a new relationship, end a relationship well or maintain a current relationship. Problem solving is always part of maintaining healthy relationship, and there are many tools I can use to facilitate enhanced relationship health and satisfaction.

Service coaching
If you’re in service, I can work with you to help you find your personal service path and hold your space, plus provide tools for problem solving, motivation, time management and more.  Foundations and having access to experience can allow you to exist in relationships in a healthy and individually supportive manner.  Maintaining your voice and individuality is essential.

I want to be a coach. What should I do?

Find an accredited school and look up the credentialing process for the International Coaches Federation.  Get yourself a mentor coach to help you through the process.  I am a Certified Mentor Coach and a Master Certified Coach, I would be happy to assist. 

Invest in your education and be a successful coach.

Do you do workshops at events for free?

The agreements I have with events and groups vary.  Please contact me and let's talk about it.

How do I get on a payment plan?

It's easy.  Contact my assistant Laura. She will set up a payment plan with pre-determined payment dates.  You'll be given a code so you may register for the event as soon as you make your first payment.
Make 3 easy payments of $48.00 or 4 easy payments of $36.00.

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