SINSations Keynote, March 12, 2010 


Heartbreak and our Truth 


Innocence, Illusion, and Reality 


It's a right and wrong world, or is it? 


Passing on Debt 


So you want to be a good top?


Why divorce life from SM?


Feedback: Servant's Retreat

Audio Feedback: Servant's Retreat 

"I have a higher self-esteem, less self-doubt and lots more confidence. This is one of the best things I've done, not only for myself, but for my top." S.

"It made me think and has given me several things to work on and to continue thinking about. I have received some good tools for my slave toolkit....used to expecting conventional class style and it was so much more directive, intimate, and focused. Hard- not harsh- but hard to face the acknowledgement to so many of my "barriers" to service are my own creation and perpetuation.

I feel like I did gain: 1) insight I did not have; 2) learned truths about myself I had not stopped to consider; and 3) was given tools or paths of possibilities to take away and apply. All of the sessions were incredibly helpful and all were absolutely necessary. Everything was so wonderfully integrated- one part easily flowed into the other and was so through researched and well thought out. It is abundantly clear that Catherine knows her material and has lived it in her life." T.S.

Feedback: Servant's Retreat 2

Audio Feedback: Servant's Retreat 2 

"I cannot say enough good things about it. It really was a life changing experience in a number of ways. My outlook on various areas of my life and my way of looking at things has changed in a number of ways. The tools that Catherine offers attendees to enable them look at their service and their life in general in new and varied ways is invaluable. I know that everyone that attended walked away with much more than they came with. I highly recommend attending SR2 if you are able to do so. It was fantastic!" orja

"Catherine creates an atmosphere that promotes trust and safety. This weekend allowed for a deeper self-reflection than SR. SR is a necessary foundation for the success of SR 2. It provided a clear way to look at obstacles and a personalized strategy to overcome. This was powerful and uplifting." melanie

"This weekend was so much more than I ever expected. I see how much I have grown in the time between SR and SR2. I realize now that weeds do grow and can crowd what's important and deep maintenance is absolutely required. This weekend was that thing that I needed to really look at the BIG picture and prioritize what truely is important to me.I came with an issue that I needed to solve. During the class I found what the issues really were! Now I have the tools to deal with both issues. SR2 gave me the tools needed to navigate and use these tools with confidence, competence and effortlessness." angel

"This weekend has been an island of air and light and fire in a very choppy rainy sea...a chance to catch my breath, remember things I have long chosen to forget, and give me a clear target for the near future." kitten