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Catherine Gross

I’m an educator and Master Certified Coach who holds four certifications in good standing. I offer classes that focus on physical skills, Master/slave relationships, dominance and submission, improving your sex life, personal development, house management, service, keeping relationships healthy, and a plethora of seminars.

I’ve served on both local and national boards, judged contests, staffed conferences in a variety of positions, emceed and produced fundraisers for charities and organizations. I’m currently the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest in Atlanta, GA., and I also serve on the board of Leather Archives and Museum. I’ve held memberships in FIST, MOB, LSM, NLA-I, BbD, Low County Leather Associate Member and a few other groups. I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with large groups as well as the one-on-one contact that smaller events offer. I was presented with Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002, Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006, Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Service Award in 2006, Jack Stice Memorial Award 2016, and MAsT-I Presenter of the Year 2016. 

I’m a founder of the Women's Leather History Project, a charter member and organizer of FireBallsMC, and was on the advisory board of ClubKink. In addition, I organized events for "Tell Us Your Story" project during 1998-99. I’m also a founder of LoL in NYC (women's educational/play weekend in NYC from 1994-1998 350+ women). I was a co-founder of MAsT-Long Island.

I’ve written a safety manual in use by more than a dozen organizations scattered from coast to coast. You can download a copy here. I have been published by several magazines and interviewed.

In 1997, I created Servant's Retreat, an intensive weekend for those who serve, which focuses on the internal issues of submission and service. Several prototypes were run as private, vetted only learning experiences. One section of Servant's Retreat was written in 1989; that is the oldest portion of SR. The last prototype group which was also the first time Servant's Retreat was open to a local community who wished to attend was Oct. 18-20, 2002 in Atlanta, GA. First national open registration was Oct. 25-27, 2002 in South Carolina.  Foundations in Mastery is for tops engaging in D/s, M/s or power exchange relationships. In addition, my Nine Fold Path Seminar is a workshop on M/s and D/s relationship health. I also offer sessions for couples and individuals in my private practice.

"Teaching provides me with great joy. I love seeing emotional and intellectual connections made in class discussions. We've all contributed to educating each other in many ways. It's my great fortune to participate in the creation of these moments."

I have taught classes at:

Below is a listing of events and groups I have had the pleasure to attend and present workshops/intensives.  This list is not exhaustive and does not reflect the number of occasions I have returned to to present for these events/groups.  I have amassed thousands of teaching hours in the last three decades. It is not my hobby, I am a professional presenter.

ADG Austin, TX American Brotherhood Weekend
APEX Albany, NY APEX Phoenix, AZ
Atlanta S/M Solidity Atlanta Women's Group
Baltimore at Ease Bash on the Bay
Beyond Vanilla Black Rose
Bound by Desire Boys Camp
Brimstone Bucks County Power Exchange
CAPE Montgomery, AL  
CAPEX Charlotte, NC Charm City Fetish Fair
Carnality Dom Con
Dominants Group Philadelphia, PA DomSubFriends
Dreams to Reality Dykes and Dolls Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fantasm Fem Dom Circle
FIST Floating World
Folsom Fringe Fountain City Fetish Fest Kansas City, KS
Frolicon FTM International
GLOVE NY Good for Her - Toronto
Great Lakes Leather Alliance Houston PEP
GWNN International Puppy & Trainer
Huntsville Fetish Ball Kinky Kollege
Just Play Ladies Tea and Adoration Society
LA RAWW Leather & Lace
Laura Antoniou's Marketplace Weekend Leather Heat
Leather Bash Leather Reign
Leather Leadership Conference Leather University
Leather Uniform club Life in Nassau
LeatherFest Palm Springs, CA Lesbian Sex Mafia
Lion's Pride XII LoL in New York
Living In Leather by NLA-I The Love Shack
Long Island Leather and Roses Masters Retreat TX
Marcy's Playground MATRIX
Master/slave Conference MOB Boston, MA
Menamore Run M/s Gathering
  NLA Atlanta, GA
Ms. Nevada Leather Contest NLA Nashville, TN
NLA Ft. Lauderdale, FL NLA Portland, OR
NOBLE New Orleans, LA North Carolina Tarheel Run
Northeast Leather Weekend Northwest Leather Celebration
Orlando Bash PALS
Pantheon of Leather (New Orleans) Pantheon West
PEER Cincinnati, OH PEP Atlanta, GA
PheerFest Planet Out
Rochester Kink Society San Diego Leatherfest
ROPE Richmond, VA Sin In The City
Sinsations SMPEX
SM Odyssey South Plains Leather Fest
Snowbound SouthEast LeatherFest
Southeast Eat 'n Beat Southwest Leather Celebration 
Southern Comfort SPICE Pompano Beach, FL 
Spankuary NY  SWPE
Spring in the South TALON
Tarheel Leather Club TES Event
T3WD The Center for Sex Positive Culture 
TES Fest The Hunt
The Chattanooga Exchange The Society
The Eugenspeil Society Together in Leather
The Sanctuary Atlanta, GA Toronto Women's Group
The Submissive Scene Tribal Fire
Toronto Leather Pride True Spirit Conference
Touch of Leather Trident Knights
VAMP Vancouver Edge
WestWard Bound WOLF Fort Lauderdale, FL
Women's International Leather Legacy

"After lunch we had the delightful pleasure of attending Catherine Gross’ begging class. There wasn’t a dry seat in the house as we listened to her lusty rich voice ‘demo’ both giving and receiving great begging.  Our only regret was the lack of a time machine to allow us to see more." LEATHERATI, MARCH 13, 2013

BOARDS/Projects/Fundraisers I have SERVED:
Atlanta Boys of Leather Founding board member of True Spirit Conference (1997-2001)
ClubKINK Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)
CyberThorns (founding) FireBallsMC
InterPOL Leather Archives and Museum (2010 - present)
Leather Literary Project (Founding Executive Director)

Lesbian Sex Mafia

LoL in NYC (Founder) Masters And slaves Together (MAsT)-Long Island, NY
MOB by laws formation New York Leather Pride Night
PlanetOUT SouthEast LeatherFest (2003 - present)
Take Back the Night (1985-1987) Tell Us Your Story
The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel Upstate Women's Project
Women's Leather History Project/Program
AIDS Project Atlanta Mission
CARAS Leather Archives & Museum
Leather Heart Foundation Leather Literary Project
Ms. World Leather National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Nicholas House PALS
Quilt Project Susan B. Komen
Welcome Home Women's Leather History Project/Program
and many more...
Butch Review San Diego, CA (Emcee) Georgia Leather Contest
Great Lakes Leather Alliance Contest Head Judge Master/slave Conference for NE Master/slave
International Master/slave contest International Ms Leather (workshops)
Head Judge International Trainer & Puppy Contest Leather Leadership Conference Philadelphia 2014 (co-Emcee)
Master/slave Conference Women in Leather International
North Carolina Leather Contest (Emcee) South Plains Leatherfest
Mr. & Ms. Fantasy Leather Contest San Diego, CA Ms. Nevada Leather
Southeast Leather Alliance Leather Archives & Museum 25th Anniversary (Friday Emcee)
Incomplete...more to come.
I have been published in:

Queer Ramblings, Leather Journey Magazine, Dungeon Digest,  Submissive's Review, Submissive Service, The Link and Informed Consent in 1997.
Submissive Guide: Simply Service Jan 2005, vol. 1, issue 1, p. 2
I wrote the Preface for the book BDSM: The Naked Truth by Dr. Charley Ferrer, 2011



I have given speeches FOR:

New York University
City University New York - Queens, NY
Keynote at Floating World
Keynote at Leather Reign (1st & 10th years)
APEX 27th Anniversary Keynote
SELF 20th Anniversary
M/s Gathering Keynote

For more information/Archives
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Dungeon Vox Interview 

Over the next months, I will be going through my files and adding information. If you notice a location is not on my list, please contact me and I will add it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

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