What's the deal?

I'm happy almost every single day of my life. I do what I truly want to do for a career, not merely what pays the bills. I have enough love, opportunity, wisdom, money, time, energy, space, sense, practicality, experience and know-how to live my life beautifully. When (not if) life happens and it's not a smooth road, I also have the skills to address the issues and move forward into a better space.

I believe most people want to be able to say exactly what I’ve just said. It's a good goal and a great way to live.

Here's what I know:
· The details of how to create a wonderful life come from you, and I'll help you find your way of creating what you need.
· I haven't always been happy or satisfied. If I can do it, so can you.
· You will have my undiluted focus and attention. This type of focus will also help you focus.
· You can expect unadulterated honesty from me. I won't beat around the bush and waste your time or money.

Each one of my clients is the most important person in the world to me, and together we create what you need, in the manner you need it—and polish it so it's even better that you originally imagined.

Many times I’m asked what is my area of expertise. I’ve worked with clients where our primary topic was their career, and with clients where it was personal. Regardless of my clients’ initial concerns, I’ve found that inevitably we work on more than one area of their lives. Having a coach who is well rounded and agile is a good answer for your complex life. Given my understanding of this, I'd prefer to say I have expertise in living well.

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Catherine Gross
Master Certifed Coach (MCC)

Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)
Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Registered ICF Mentor Coach

Phone: 718.662.6572
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